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web designerBuying to let is only worth considering if you are interested in property,prepared to deal with problems such as troublesome tenants or expensive repairs.Anyone planning to rent out an investment property,should ensure, they have enough savings to fall back on in casetheyCapital values as well as rental yields could decrease,The property could need major repairs at some point,Apart from the cost of the work,It may be hard Logo Design   to let the flat,leaving it vacant for longer than you had planned.If you cannot meet the payments on your buy-to-let loan,put your home at risk.

So unless you are going to manage the property yourself,They tend to charge around 10 per cent of the gross annual rent for finding tenants and 6 per cen,managing the property,They estimate that with other costs, such as repairs.with through the association.,ARLA runs a hotline giving contact information on the agent nearest to you.If you do your research properly,buy-to-let does offer a tremendous opportunity to build up a nest egg for the future,she adds.
If you are in any doubt you should seek professional advice from an accountant,solicitor and a lettings agency.Average house prices have risen by 0.5 per cent this month,according to a survey of estate agents,Hometrack, the property website.He said the Hometrack survey was based on 7,500 details of transaction prices recorded by 4,000 agents across the country.

making it more up to date than the lenders’ view,Meanwhile, the Council of Mortgage Lenders said the volume of home loans slowed to £10.6bn in September from August’s £12.1bn
the British Bankers,Association said mortgage lending rose by £5bn after an increase of £4.

8bn in Augustup from £315m in September last year.Loans agreed but not yet made are up by 40 per cent.accord as the Bank of England is hoping. Earlier this week Sir Edward Georg.the Governor, warned he would have to put rates up if the housing market did not slow.Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at Gerrard brokers,None of this suggests that household spending is set to moderate in a meaningful way just yet.